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Good Naturopaths provide evidence based natural medicine that looks to identify and treat the root cause of disease in the body, not just mask the symptoms. Helping to encourage and restore overall health and wellbeing.

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All our services are now available to you remotely via teleconference.

Naturopathy & You

Naturopaths are trained to treat the body holistically, and therefore may treat various body systems if relevant to support your health and wellness. Naturopaths provide evidence based, customised individual treatment plans. Natural / herbal medicine or supplement prescriptions can be provided to support the body short term if required.

Naturopaths regularly work alongside other healthcare professionals including doctors and encourage multi-modality patient centric care if required.

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Health & Fertility

I offer preconception health care utilizing naturopathy and natural medicine, proper nutrition, detoxification, stress management and fertility awareness assist couples in overcoming fertility problems and increasing changes of conceiving naturally. I am passionate and have a keen interest in male and female hormones, health, and fertility.

Improvements in fetal health and overall fertility are often a direct result of improvements in an individual’s general overall health and reproductive health, which will also improve alongside.

Iridology Insights

Iridology is a tool used to understand and gain deeper insight into an individual’s traits and constitution, genetic and health disposition, identify area of the body that may be needing extra support or show underlying imbalances within the body.

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Yoga for Life

Yoga helps to cultivate balance in one’s life and can help restore the parasympathetic nervous system in times of stress.

Yoga also allows the body to open and can assist in revitalising the muscles and tissues. This helps the muscles and fascia in the body to lengthen and stretch, encouraging fuller ranges of motion.

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I had a consult with Alexandra a few months ago and can honestly say my health and well being has significantly improved since! The consult was very thorough and no stone was left unturned. Alexandra provided me with clearly outlined treatment options and explained everything respectfully and thoroughly. I can’t stop recommending her!


Alexandra’s knowledge has helped with a lot of the ailments I had that I didn’t even know were possible to alleviate. She’s basically a modern day witch or a shaman with a cure for anything. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my health and well-being.


Alexandra has been so helpful with my PCOS symptoms and giving me natural remedies to help with the symptoms i have. She has helped me so much and would highly recommend


Alexandra is an amazing naturopath who created one of the most comprehensive, well thought out plans I have been given on my wellness journey. I had previously explored various natural health plans (and visited various experts) to support my healing (following a 2016 health crisis), however my progress had stalled. Alexandra was able to fill in the gaps with a combination of affordable supplements, evidence based tips and other great suggestions that have made a huge difference to my overall wellness and energy levels. She explains things so clearly and I left the session feeling so supported, with a very clear roadmap for the next phase of my healing. I highly recommend Alexandra for anyone who is looking for a genuinely caring, extremely knowledgeable naturopath (who has a true passion for wellness).


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