Alexandra Audrey

Naturopath - Yoga - Herbalist

I am a degree qualified naturopath with over 10 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry. I have a deep passion for restoring wellness in the body, and truly believe in identifying and treating the root cause with herbal medicine, nourishing nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

During my time in the health industry, I have observed restrictive diets, expensive supplements and detox protocols claiming to be the magic solution for health problems. This can lead to a to a green pharmacy approach and dependency on supplements rather than addressing the root cause. I believe in using herbs and supplements as a tool to help support the body in returning to homeostasis. Focusing primarily on nourishing nutrition providing the body with the essential raw materials, vitamins, and minerals it requires to thrive.

Practitioner profile

practitioner profile

Wellness, healthy ageing, fertility, hormones, acne and stress management/adrenal support, weight management, traditional ancestral nutrition.

Naturopathy, Yoga Teacher, Herbalist.

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy),
Bachelor of Commerce (BCom),
200-hour qualified yoga teacher, Health Coach, Senior first aid, Police clearance

Industry experience
10 years in the health and wellness industry.

Professional association
Australian Naturopathic Partitioners Association (ANPA)

Location Based in Perth, Western Australia. Available Australia wide via online consultations.