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Naturopathy Consultations & Fees

Complimentary phone chat

10 minutes/ free. A quick phone call consultation to chat about how naturopathy works and how we can work together. This is not a free consult or advice session.

Initial consult

1 hour/$175. During this first initial appointment an extensive health history will be taken to capture an overview of the various factors that may be contributing to your health including medical history, genetic predisposition, social, environmental, diet and nutritional status and lifestyle. Recent pathology testing from the last 12 months will be considered and reviewed. The appointment will conclude with an individualised treatment plan consisting of diet and lifestyle recommendations. Further pathology or investigations to assist in identifying underlying illness, nutritional deficiencies or body system and organ function will be requested if required. A prescription for clinical strength herbal medicine or nutraceuticals will be given if needed and can be ordered by you online and delivered right to your door. Additional testing and prescription items are additional to the appointment cost.

Return consult

40mins/$120. During this follow up appointment, treatment aims and prescriptions from the initial appointment will be assessed and reviewed to ensure you are on track in achieving your health goals. Appropriate changes to the treatment plan and prescription will be made is needed, and results from pathology or investigations will be reviewed. The follow up consult is usually 2 weeks after the initial consult to monitor progress and adjust the treatment plan or prescription if needed. Appointments can then be spaced out to every 4+ weeks to ensure you stay on track to accomplishing your health goals.

Acute consult

20 minutes/$65- A quick appointment for acute conditions such as cold/ flu/ infection/ hayfever etc. Or for pre-existing clients to review and organise repeat prescriptions.

Immune support consult

30 minutes/$75- A quick consult to discuss and discover the best immune support protocol for you! Great for those seeking custom advice and practitioner grade products to support immune system function and health.