What is preconception care?

Preconception health care prepares the body for a conception by ensuring an adequate supply of the factors essential for male and female fertility. With a focus on ova and and sperm health and the development of the embryo and foetus. It is also important to work on the absence or removal of substances that have been shown to be harmful to these processes.

These factors then need to be maintained long term for the mother post-partum throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding to optimize the newborn and mother’s health.

How long before pregnancy do we need to focus on preconception health care?

Preconception health care for both males and females ideally should be practiced for a minimum of four months immediately preceding conception attempts. Sperm formation in males can take up to 116 days to mature and develop, and ova development in females can be prone to damage for 100 days before ovulation.

What can preconception health care involve?

Apart from nutrition, a number of things can be addressed for preconception care.

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What your treatment may include:

  • Naturopathic medicine to remedy reproductive, hormone and fertility problems in both partners
  • Regular exercise, stress reduction, positive mindset
  • Incorporation of regular yoga and body awareness
  • Essential trace elements screening and management (e.g. zinc, iron) and for toxic metals (e.g. Lead and mercury)
  • Reducing exposure to everyday environmental hazards
  • Limiting common environmental poisons (e.g. cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine)
  • Supporting detoxification pathways
  • Using Natural Fertility methods
  • Avoiding oral contraceptives and contraceptive devices (such as IUD’s and implanons).

I offer preconception health care utilizing naturopathy and natural medicine, proper nutrition, detoxification, stress management and fertility awareness assist couples in overcoming fertility problems and increasing changes of conceiving naturally. I am passionate and have a keen interest in male and female hormones, health, and fertility. Improvements in fetal health and overall fertility are often a direct result of improvements in an individual’s general overall health and reproductive health, which will also improve alongside.

Fertility consults programs for couples:

2 hours/ $250. Then 1 hour/ $99. During this 2-hour appointment, an extensive health history will be taken of both partners to establish current health status and hormone levels. Further testing may be required, ordered, and reviewed in the second appointment, an individual treatment plan with specific diet, lifestyle and environmental recommendations will be given to each partner to follow for fertility optimization. The fertility program takes 3 months minimum to optimize egg and sperm quality, and monthly appointments are recommended for the first 3 months.

Pregnancy support:

I work alongside midwives and doulas to provide naturopathic care and herbal support at your birth. I am passionate about supporting women before, during and after pregnancy with herbal hacks, nutritional care, and naturopathic remedies. Please contact me directly to discuss further and in more detail.